Job opportunity with the Aspen Institute

I’m excited to share the job posting for an Aspen Institute Civic Science Fellow to work full-time for 18 months, starting in September, on “Our Future Is Science,” a joint initiative between the Aspen Institute and Coda Societies designed to spark passion, confidence, and curiosity about science for high-school-aged Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The initiative will help grow a thriving new cohort of practitioners, researchers, and critical thinkers in science by shaping educational and career avenues for BIPOC youth. Our vision is to dismantle historic barriers to science and leverage the richness of BIPOC’s insights in order to develop the field of science in unique ways and position these individuals as the next generation of the growing scientific workforce.

The Fellow, supported in part by the Rita Allen Foundation and Lyda Hill Philanthropies, will be hired by the Aspen Institute as a Civic Science Fellow, joining other Civic Science Fellows in a program that seeks to build capacity for civic science through developing leadership, influencing networks, and fostering productive collaboration among scientists, journalists, community members, media, educators, funders, and others.


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