Lab Tech and Post-doc opportunities in Bazurto lab, University of Minnesota

The Bazurto lab at the University of Minnesota is looking for a lab technician AND a postdoc to study metabolic toxins in the model bacterium Methylobacterium extorquens using genetics, biochemistry, genomics, and proteomics.


As a lab technician, ~75% of the time will be spent doing independent research (cloning, bacterial genetics, growth experiments, protein purifications, assays). The remaining time will be divided between training undergrads at the bench (~20%) and lab managerial tasks (~5%).


As a postdoc, someone who is excited about microbial physiology with a strong background in microbial genetics and/or biochemistry, AND is also invested in applying global approaches such as TnSeq and proteomics, would be ideal!

If you’re interested in one of these positions,


Interested candidates can apply at,  Job ID 342689 (Researcher) or Job ID 343056 (Postdoc)


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