Postdoc positions at University of Iowa

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa is recruiting talented postdoctoral researchers to join a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and interactive research environment to drive discoveries in bacteriology, immunology, parasitology, and virology. The Department faculty apply interdisciplinary and cutting-edge approaches to investigate fundamental questions in microbial infection, pathogen-host interactions, and immune responses in order to improve human health.

Interested individuals are encouraged to learn more about research projects by contacting the following faculty whose labs have available postdoctoral positions. 

Dr. Craig EllermeierC. difficile cell envelope biogenesis, cell envelope stress response, antibiotic resistance, and resistance to innate immune factors.

Dr. Jessica Tucker: The role of tRNA dysregulation during the innate immune response to viral infection.

Dr. Mary Wilson: Employing the tools of proteomics and transcriptomics to illuminate the immune pathogenesis of leishmaniasis, using in vitro culture, animal models and studies of human disease in endemic field sites.

Dr. Li Wu: Virus-host interactions with a focus on the role of RNA modifications in regulating replication of HIV- 1 and SARS-CoV-2 and antiviral innate immune responses.

In addition, the Department proudly leads three long-standing NIH-funded T32 training grants, including two for postdoctoral training in a broad range of microbiology and immunology.

  • The Interdisciplinary Immunology Postdoctoral Training Program has been funded since 1984. The core of this research program is a commitment by postdoctoral trainees to an immunology research experience under the direction of outstanding faculty mentors.
  • Training in Mechanisms of Parasitism has been funded since 1996. This research program is based on the hypothesis that microbial pathogens interact with mammalian hosts via common mechanisms and themes. Participants include pre- and post-doctoral trainees working under the direction of experienced faculty.

The University is located in Iowa City, one of the best college towns in America, where you will enjoy the energy and vitality for the arts, athletics, and sciences found in this incredibly diverse and educated community. The community also offers diverse cultural and recreational opportunities, affordable housing, excellent schools, and a variety of career opportunities.

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