Final Ph. D. Thesis and Abstract

At Least One Month Prior to Your Final Defense

Access important information from the Graduate School about deadlines, defending and writing your dissertation.

When you and your advisor believe that you are ready to do your final defense and thesis, contact the program office, room 1326 Microbial Sciences, to request the warrant.

Three Weeks before Your Defense

Contact the program coordinator to request the warrant. You will need to provide your thesis seminar title, your committee members, along with the time and date of your seminar. The program coordinator will secure a room for your seminar.

Before Your Defense

The program coordinator will notify you when we have received the warrant. This document needs to be submitted to the graduate school along with receipt of your thesis electronic submission and receipt of your exit survey. Please provide a signed copy of the warrant to the program office prior to submitting the documents to the graduate school.

General Information

To allow everyone adequate time to review your material, your thesis should be handed out to your committee at least 4 weeks in advance of your defense date. The presentation and defense of the Ph.D. thesis will follow the usual procedures of the Graduate School. The Graduate School states that the thesis must be the candidate's own work. It may be the result of research enterprises in which others have collaborated, but in those cases the candidate is required to present a substantial portion that represents his/her own contribution. Any work in the thesis that was completed by someone other than the author must be clearly indicated as such. You should include specific attributes for co-authorizations for all data and figures in the thesis document should indicate the source of the unique re-agents for each chapter. The author contributions should be noted on the first page of each chapter at the bottom of the page.

The formal details for your thesis are outlined in the "Doctoral Dissertation and Degree Completion Requirements" prepared by the Graduate School. When you have the receipt of your online submission of your thesis document you can contact the graduate school for an exit appointment. 

Final Oral Exam: Defense

You should not take your final exam until all other requirements for the degree have been satisfied. At least three weeks prior to your exam, a warrant request must be submitted to the Graduate School for their approval via the program office. The form will list the faculty members that have agreed to serve on your Thesis Committee. If you change the membership of the committee before the actual exam, another warrant request must be filled out. At your prompting, the Program office will file the paperwork for you and hold onto the approved warrant until the day of your exam. Remember to schedule an appropriate conference room for the final defense with the representative of the building where you wish to present and defend.

The final examination is oral and will deal primarily with the thesis; knowledge of the general field of microbiology and the minor must be demonstrated.