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Trainer Directory

Each of the faculty members in the microbiology program are in the table below. Also listed are their primary affiliations or home departments and their main focus of research.


supervised_user_circle Accepting students
supervised_user_circle Not accepting students

Image files/trainers/ahlquist.sepia.jpg Paul Ahlquist supervised_user_circle public

Molecular Virology
Molecular mechanisms of viral replication host interactions and oncogenesis

Image files/trainers/cza.jpg Caitilyn Allen supervised_user_circle public

Plant Pathology
Physiology and genetics of bacterial plant pathogens

Image files/trainers/d_amador-noguez.jpg Daniel Amador-Noguez supervised_user_circle public

Metabolic regulation in biofuels

Image files/pictures/Karthik.jpeg Karthik Anantharaman supervised_user_circle public

Microbial ecology, community interactions, biogeochemistry, and metaomics with an emphasis on sulfur metabolism in environmental and human microbiomes

Image files/trainers/ANDES_DAVID_R.jpg David Andes supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Antifungal activity and drug resistance

Image files/trainers/Ane-Jean-Michel.jpg Jean-Michel Ane supervised_user_circle public

Symbiotic associations betweens plants and microbes

Image files/trainers/barak.jpg Jeri Barak supervised_user_circle public

Plant Pathology
The biology of Salmonella enterica and pathogenic E. coli in association with plants.

Image files/trainers/afb.jpg Andrew Bent supervised_user_circle public

Plant Pathology
Plant Disease resistance and host-pathogen dynamics.

Image files/trainers/kbernard.jpg Kristen Bernard supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Pathogensis and transmission of arthropod-borne viruses

Image files/trainers/picture-61.jpg Helen Blackwell supervised_user_circle public

Chemical approaches to modulate quorum sensing in animal and plant-associated bacteria; Design of artificial bacterial signaling molecules

Image files/trainers/brandt.jpg Curtis Brandt supervised_user_circle public

Opthalmology/Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Virology; pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus; gene therapy and antiviral drugs

Image files/trainers/burton6.jpg Briana Burton supervised_user_circle public

Molecular mechanisms of macromolecule transport across membranes.

Image files/trainers/careyh_thumb.png Hannah Carey supervised_user_circle public

Comparative Biosciences
Symbiotic relationship between mammalian hibernators and their gut microbial communities. 

Image files/trainers/cavagnero.jpg Silvia Cavagnero supervised_user_circle public

Mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding in the bacterial cell. Chaperone- and ribosome-assisted prevention of aggregation. The effect of antibiotics on cotranslational protein folding.

Image files/pictures/Kerri-Coon.jpg Kerri Coon supervised_user_circle public

Insect-microbe interactions, impacts of gut microbes on the biology of disease vectors

Image files/trainers/mike_at_desk.jpg Michael Cox supervised_user_circle public

Molecular biology and enzymology of genetic recombination and DNA repair

Image files/trainers/c_currie.jpg Cameron Currie supervised_user_circle public

Microbial ecology and evolution, symbiosis, evolutionary genomics, and host-pathogen interactions

Image files/trainers/czuprync-1.jpg Charles Czuprynski supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Immunology and pathogenic bacteria

Image files/trainers/dillard.jpg Joseph Dillard supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Molecular mechanisms of disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Image files/trainers/t_donohue.jpg Timothy Donohue supervised_user_circle public

bacterial renewable energy strategies

Image files/trainers/EidePic.jpg David Eide supervised_user_circle public

Nutritional Sciences
Nutritional genomics and molecular responses to changes in nutrient status

Image files/pictures/Elfeinbein.jpg Johanna Elfenbein supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Molecular mechanisms of Salmonella gut colonization and transmission

Image files/trainers/engin.jpg Feyza Engin supervised_user_circle public

Biomolecular Chemistry
Molecular mechanisms of autoimmune diabetes.  Pancreatic beta cell-immune cell crosstalk.

Image files/trainers/david-evans.jpg David Evans supervised_user_circle public

Pathology and Labratory Medicine
Host-pathogen interactions for the human and simian immunodeficiency viruses

Image files/trainers/k_forest.jpg Katrina Forest supervised_user_circle public

Structural biology of pathogenesis

Image files/trainers/blocks_image_0_1.jpg Thomas Friedrich supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
immunity to pandemic viruses: HIV and influenza

Image files/trainers/friesen.jpg Paul Friesen supervised_user_circle public

Biochemistry (Virology)
Molecular biology of eukaryotic DNA viruses regulation of gene expression programmed cell death (apoptosis) and retrotransposons.

Image files/trainers/picture-37.jpg Audrey Gasch supervised_user_circle public

Genomic expression in fungi

Image files/trainers/tony_k_30pond.jpg Tony Goldberg supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Ecology an evolution of infectious diseases with an emphasis on zoonoses and emerging pathogens

Image files/trainers/golos_small.jpg Thaddeus (Ted) Golos supervised_user_circle public

Comparative Biosciences
Biology of the maternal-fetal interface, including pathogenesis of pregnancy loss with maternal infection with Listeria Monocytogenes.

Image files/trainers/r_gourse.jpg Richard Gourse supervised_user_circle public

Prokaryotic transcription/regulation of ribosome synthesis

Image files/trainers/gumperz.jpg Jenny Gumperz supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Molecular and functional analyses of T lymphocytes in innate immunity

Image files/pictures/handelsman.jpg Jo Handelsman public

Plant Pathology
Genetic and biochemical processes underlying interactions within plant and human microbiomes

Image files/pictures/hw150.jpeg Katie Henzler-Wildman supervised_user_circle public

Molecular mechanisms of drug efflux and bacterial secondary active transport

Image files/trainers/Hittinger.jpg Chris Hittinger supervised_user_circle public

Diversity and evolution of yeast carbon metabolism

Image files/pictures/Hryckowian.jpg Andrew Hryckowian supervised_user_circle public

Medicine and Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Gut microbiome-host interactions with specific foci on diet, bacteriophages, and bacterial pathogens.

Image files/trainers/cmhull.jpg Christina Hull supervised_user_circle public

Biomolecular Chemistry/Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Molecular biology of human fungal pathogens

Image files/trainers/huttenlocher.jpg Anna Huttenlocher supervised_user_circle public

Medicine/Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular mechanisms of leukocyte chemotaxis and inflammation

Image files/pictures/huynh.jpeg Tu Anh Huynh supervised_user_circle public

Food Science
Molecular mechanisms of c-di-AMP signaling in bacteria, bacterial signal transduction, bacterial pathogenesis and stress response

Image files/trainers/e_johnson.jpg Eric Johnson supervised_user_circle public

Clostridium botulinum and its toxins; food and industrial microbiology

Image files/pictures/lkalan.jpeg Lindsay Kalan supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Skin microbiome in health and disease, host-microbe/microbe-microbe interactions

Image files/trainers/kalejta4.jpg Robert Kalejta supervised_user_circle public

Molecular Virology
Viral modulation of the cell cycle

Image files/trainers/c_kaspar.jpg Charles Kaspar supervised_user_circle public

Molecular and physiological basis of stress tolerance

Image files/trainers/kawaokay.jpg Yoshihiro Kawaoka supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Science
Molecular mechanism of interspecies transmission of virus leading to influenza pandemics in humans; molecular pathogenesis of influenza in poultry and mammals; Ebola virus

Image files/trainers/keck_small.jpg James Keck supervised_user_circle public

Biomolecular Chemistry
Study the structure and function of proteins that are involved in multiple nucleic acid metabolic pathways

Image files/trainers/n_keller.jpg Nancy Keller supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Host and pathogen signals governing toxin formation spore develpment and pathogenesis of seed by fungi

Image files/trainers/kenney.jpg Shannon Kenney supervised_user_circle public

Epstein-Barr virus pathogenesis and treatment

Image files/trainers/kiley_small.jpg Patricia Kiley supervised_user_circle public

Biomolecular Chemistry
Transcriptional control of anaerobic gene expression in E. coli

Image files/trainers/klein_bs.jpg Bruce Klein supervised_user_circle public

Pediatrics/Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Microbial-host interactions and pathogenesis

Image files/trainers/knoll.jpg Laura Knoll supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Molecular mechanisms of development and pathogenesis of Toxoplasma gondii

Image files/trainers/landick.jpg Robert Landick supervised_user_circle public

Transcriptional regulation/RNA polymerase structure and function

Image files/pictures/YunLiang_Thumb.jpeg Yun Liang supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular basis for sex differences in immune responses; inflammation and autoimmunity

Image files/pictures/Dan_Loeb.jpg Dan Loeb supervised_user_circle public

Oncology and Virology
Hepatitis B viruses

Image files/trainers/Mandel.jpeg Mark Mandel supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Bacterial colonization of host epithelial tissue, Vibrio fischeri-squid symbiosis.

Image files/trainers/mcclean_megan.png Megan McClean supervised_user_circle public

Biomedical Engineering
Microfluidic and optogenetic tools for studying microbial signal processing

Image files/trainers/mcmahon_katherine-1.jpg Katherine McMahon supervised_user_circle public

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Environmental microbiology and molecular microbial ecology

Image files/trainers/McNeel.jpg Douglas McNeel supervised_user_circle public

Medicine-Division of Hematology-Oncology
Anti-tumor DNA vaccines for prostate cancer treatment

Image files/trainers/mehle.png Andrew Mehle supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Influenza virus polymerase

Image files/trainers/Nett_Jeniel.jpg Jeniel Nett supervised_user_circle public

Medicine and Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Immune responses to fungal biofilm infection

Image files/pictures/Donna-Neumann-1-248x300.jpeg Donna Neumann supervised_user_circle public

Opthalmology and Visual Sciences
Epigenetic and 3-dimensional chromatin control of Herpesvirus transcriptional programs

Image files/trainers/d_oconnor.jpg David O'Connor supervised_user_circle public

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Genetics and immunology of HIV

Image files/trainers/soconnor_200.jpg Shelby O'Connor supervised_user_circle public

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Host and vaccine-elicited immune responses to SIV/HIV.

Image files/pictures/Pepperell_Caitlin.jpeg Caitlin Pepperell supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology and Medicine
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases

Image files/pictures/jpeters2.jpg Jason Peters supervised_user_circle public

CRISPR-based functional genomics in pathogenic bacteria

Image files/trainers/pfleger_brian.jpg Brian Pfleger supervised_user_circle public

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Synthetic Biology -- Metabolic Engineering -- Biotechnology -- Protein Engineering -- Natural Products

Image files/trainers/Raman.png Vatsan Raman supervised_user_circle public

Design of synthetic bacteriophags for therapy and microbiome eidting, engineering microbial transcription, protein design

Image files/trainers/reed_jennifer.jpg Jennie Reed supervised_user_circle public

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Metabolic and regulatory models of organisms involved in bioremediation bioenergy and pharmaceutical applications

Image files/trainers/f_rey.jpg Federico Rey supervised_user_circle public

Gut microbial metabolism and  human health

Image files/trainers/Matt.jpg Matt Reynolds supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Investigate adaptive immune responses to prevent or eliminate AIDS virus infections

Image files/trainers/roden_e.jpg Eric Roden supervised_user_circle public

Geology and Geophysics
Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of soils and sediments; ecophysiologyof anaerobic respritory microorganisms

Image files/trainers/SushmitaRoy.png Sushmita Roy supervised_user_circle public

Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, WID systems biology
Inference and analysis of structure, function and evolution of regulatory networks. Statistical models for network-based genomic data integration

Image files/pictures/salgado-pabon.jpg Wilmara Salgado-Pabon supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus with an emphasis on the contribution of enterotoxins and cytolysins to the pathophysiology of severe disease, including (but not limited to) sepsis, pneumonia, and infective endocarditis

Image files/trainers/sauer.png John-Demian (JD) Sauer supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Bacterial Pathogensis

Image files/trainers/picture-68.jpg David Schwartz supervised_user_circle public

Development and application of new approaches of genomic science to important biological problems

Image files/trainers/Alessandro_Senes_165x165.png Alessandro Senes supervised_user_circle public

Structure and function of membrane proteins of the bacterial divisome.

Image files/pictures/Sharp-headshot2.JPG Nathaniel Sharp supervised_user_circle public

Evolutionary genetics of spontaneous mutation

Image files/trainers/sherer.jpg Nathan Sherer supervised_user_circle public

Molecular Virology, Oncology
HIV-1 RNA trafficking, virus-Host interactions

Image files/trainers/jasmith.jpg Judith (Judy) Smith supervised_user_circle public

The intersection of endoplasmic reticulum stress, infectious and inflammatory diseases

Image files/trainers/picture-70.jpg Paul Sondel supervised_user_circle public

Human genetics; immunology

Image files/trainers/g_suen.jpg Garret Suen supervised_user_circle public

Symbiotic microbes and microbial communities associated with herbivores deconstruct of plant biomass

Image files/trainers/sureshm.jpg M. Suresh supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Regulation of T cell proliferation apoptosis and memory

Image files/trainers/talaat-a.jpg Adel Talaat supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Functional genomics for understanding the molecular pathogenesis of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis

Image files/trainers/m_thomas.jpg Michael Thomas supervised_user_circle public

Biosynthesis of bacterial secondary metabolites

Image files/pictures/van Pijkeren.jpeg JP van Pijkeren supervised_user_circle public

Food Science
Microbiota-host interactions and development of biotherapeutics

Image files/pictures/O-VIMG_1517.JPG Ophelia Venturelli supervised_user_circle public

Systems & synthetic biology of microbial consortia, design and anlysis of gene regulatory networks

Image files/trainers/j_wang.jpg Jade Wang supervised_user_circle public

Bacterial stress response, replication transcription conflict, genome stability

Image files/trainers/k_wassarman.jpg Karen Wassarman supervised_user_circle public

Small RNAs in bacteria

Image files/trainers/welch.jpg Rodney Welch supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Molecular analysis of bacteria pathogens

Image files/trainers/Whitman-T.png Thea Whitman supervised_user_circle public

Soil Science
Microbial Ecology, terrestrial biogeochemistry, bioinformatics, and stable isotopes.

Image files/trainers/woods.jpg Jon Woods supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Pathogenic mechanisms host-parasite interactions and environmental and virulence-associated gene regulation of the dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum

Image files/trainers/yoshinot.jpg Timothy Yoshino supervised_user_circle public

Animal Health & Biomedical Sciences/Pathobiological Sciences
Cellular and molecular biology of schistosome blood fluke-snail host interactions

Image files/trainers/j_yu.jpg Jaehyuk Yu supervised_user_circle public

Fungi and mycotoxins: Molecular genetics of asexual sporulation and mycotoxin biosynthesis in filamentous fungi