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Selected Research Areas

MDTP trainer laboratories pursue investigations on a range of scientific research topics related to microbiology. Classifications are inevitably somewhat arbitrary, following are some of the subdisciplines covered by MDTP faculty with links to lists of trainers working in those areas. Each area page will provide brief research descriptions for each trainer and a link to his or her website. This information is by no means exhaustive, but is intended to convey a sense of research breadth in the MDTP, and of focused research strength in fifteen areas.

Cell Biology

Image Andes, Andes Lab website
Medical Microbiology & Immunology: Antifungal activity and drug resistance
Image Burton, Burton Lab website
Bacteriology: Molecular mechanisms of macromolecule transport across membranes.
Image Cavagnero, Cavagnero Lab website
Chemistry: Mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding in the bacterial cell. Chaperone- and ribosome-assisted prevention of aggregation. The effect of antibiotics on cotranslational protein folding.
Image Engin, Engin Lab website
Biomolecular Chemistry: Molecular mechanisms of autoimmune diabetes.  Pancreatic beta cell-immune cell crosstalk.
Image Friesen, Friesen Lab website
Biochemistry (Virology): Molecular biology of eukaryotic DNA viruses regulation of gene expression programmed cell death (apoptosis) and retrotransposons.
Image Gumperz, Gumperz Lab website
Medical Microbiology & Immunology: Molecular and functional analyses of T lymphocytes in innate immunity
Image Huttenlocher, Huttenlocher Lab website
Medicine/Medical Microbiology and Immunology: Molecular mechanisms of leukocyte chemotaxis and inflammation
Image Kalejta, Kalejta Lab website
Molecular Virology: Viral modulation of the cell cycle
Image Loewe, Loewe Lab website
Genetics, WID: Evolution, systems biology, population genetics, evosysbio in diverse systems, all investigated by computer simulations.
Image McClean, McClean Lab website
Biomedical Engineering: Microfluidic and optogenetic tools for studying microbial signal processing
Image Senes, Senes Lab website
Biochemistry: Structure and function of membrane proteins of the bacterial divisome.
Image Sherer, Sherer Lab website
Molecular Virology, Oncology: HIV-1 RNA trafficking, virus-Host interactions
Image Suresh, Suresh Lab website
Pathobiological Sciences: Regulation of T cell proliferation apoptosis and memory
Image Weibel, Weibel Lab website
Biochemistry: Biochemical studies of bacterial physiology and behavior