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Selected Research Areas

MDTP trainer laboratories pursue investigations on a range of scientific research topics related to microbiology. Classifications are inevitably somewhat arbitrary, following are some of the subdisciplines covered by MDTP faculty with links to lists of trainers working in those areas. Each area page will provide brief research descriptions for each trainer and a link to his or her website. This information is by no means exhaustive, but is intended to convey a sense of research breadth in the MDTP, and of focused research strength in fifteen areas.

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Image files/trainers/d_amador-noguez.jpg Daniel Amador-Noguez supervised_user_circle public

Metabolic regulation in biofuels

Image files/pictures/Karthik.jpeg Karthik Anantharaman supervised_user_circle public

Microbial ecology, community interactions, biogeochemistry, and metaomics with an emphasis on sulfur metabolism in environmental and human microbiomes

Image files/pictures/Kerri-Coon.jpg Kerri Coon supervised_user_circle public

Insect-microbe interactions, impacts of gut microbes on the biology of disease vectors

Image files/trainers/c_currie.jpg Cameron Currie supervised_user_circle public

Microbial ecology and evolution, symbiosis, evolutionary genomics, and host-pathogen interactions

Image files/trainers/picture-37.jpg Audrey Gasch supervised_user_circle public

Genomic expression in fungi

Image files/pictures/handelsman.jpg Jo Handelsman public

Plant Pathology
Genetic and biochemical processes underlying interactions within plant and human microbiomes

Image files/trainers/Hittinger.jpg Chris Hittinger supervised_user_circle public

Diversity and evolution of yeast carbon metabolism

Image files/pictures/lkalan.jpeg Lindsay Kalan supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Skin microbiome in health and disease, host-microbe/microbe-microbe interactions

Image files/pictures/YunLiang_Thumb.jpeg Yun Liang supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular basis for sex differences in immune responses; inflammation and autoimmunity

Image files/trainers/Mandel.jpeg Mark Mandel supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Bacterial colonization of host epithelial tissue, Vibrio fischeri-squid symbiosis.

Image files/trainers/mcmahon_katherine-1.jpg Katherine McMahon supervised_user_circle public

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Environmental microbiology and molecular microbial ecology

Image files/pictures/Pepperell_Caitlin.jpeg Caitlin Pepperell supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology & Immunology and Medicine
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases

Image files/pictures/jpeters2.jpg Jason Peters supervised_user_circle public

CRISPR-based functional genomics in pathogenic bacteria

Image files/trainers/pfleger_brian.jpg Brian Pfleger supervised_user_circle public

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Synthetic Biology -- Metabolic Engineering -- Biotechnology -- Protein Engineering -- Natural Products

Image files/trainers/Raman.png Vatsan Raman supervised_user_circle public

Design of synthetic bacteriophags for therapy and microbiome eidting, engineering microbial transcription, protein design

Image files/trainers/reed_jennifer.jpg Jennie Reed supervised_user_circle public

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Metabolic and regulatory models of organisms involved in bioremediation bioenergy and pharmaceutical applications

Image files/trainers/SushmitaRoy.png Sushmita Roy supervised_user_circle public

Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, WID systems biology
Inference and analysis of structure, function and evolution of regulatory networks. Statistical models for network-based genomic data integration

Image files/trainers/picture-68.jpg David Schwartz supervised_user_circle public

Development and application of new approaches of genomic science to important biological problems

Image files/pictures/Sharp-headshot2.JPG Nathaniel Sharp supervised_user_circle public

Evolutionary genetics of spontaneous mutation

Image files/trainers/g_suen.jpg Garret Suen supervised_user_circle public

Symbiotic microbes and microbial communities associated with herbivores deconstruct of plant biomass

Image files/trainers/talaat-a.jpg Adel Talaat supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Functional genomics for understanding the molecular pathogenesis of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis

Image files/trainers/m_thomas.jpg Michael Thomas supervised_user_circle public

Biosynthesis of bacterial secondary metabolites

Image files/pictures/van Pijkeren.jpeg JP van Pijkeren supervised_user_circle public

Food Science
Microbiota-host interactions and development of biotherapeutics

Image files/pictures/O-VIMG_1517.JPG Ophelia Venturelli supervised_user_circle public

Systems & synthetic biology of microbial consortia, design and anlysis of gene regulatory networks

Image files/trainers/j_wang.jpg Jade Wang supervised_user_circle public

Bacterial stress response, replication transcription conflict, genome stability

Image files/trainers/Whitman-T.png Thea Whitman supervised_user_circle public

Soil Science
Microbial Ecology, terrestrial biogeochemistry, bioinformatics, and stable isotopes.