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Selected Research Areas

MDTP trainer laboratories pursue investigations on a range of scientific research topics related to microbiology. Classifications are inevitably somewhat arbitrary, following are some of the subdisciplines covered by MDTP faculty with links to lists of trainers working in those areas. Each area page will provide brief research descriptions for each trainer and a link to his or her website. This information is by no means exhaustive, but is intended to convey a sense of research breadth in the MDTP, and of focused research strength in fifteen areas.

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Image files/trainers/ahlquist.sepia.jpg Paul Ahlquist supervised_user_circle public

Molecular Virology
Molecular mechanisms of viral replication host interactions and oncogenesis

Image files/pictures/Karthik.jpeg Karthik Anantharaman supervised_user_circle public

Microbial ecology, community interactions, biogeochemistry, and metaomics with an emphasis on sulfur metabolism in environmental and human microbiomes

Image files/trainers/kbernard.jpg Kristen Bernard supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Pathogensis and transmission of arthropod-borne viruses

Image files/trainers/brandt.jpg Curtis Brandt supervised_user_circle public

Opthalmology/Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Virology; pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus; gene therapy and antiviral drugs

Image files/trainers/david-evans.jpg David Evans supervised_user_circle public

Pathology and Labratory Medicine
Host-pathogen interactions for the human and simian immunodeficiency viruses

Image files/trainers/blocks_image_0_1.jpg Thomas Friedrich supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
immunity to pandemic viruses: HIV and influenza

Image files/trainers/friesen.jpg Paul Friesen supervised_user_circle public

Biochemistry (Virology)
Molecular biology of eukaryotic DNA viruses regulation of gene expression programmed cell death (apoptosis) and retrotransposons.

Image files/trainers/tony_k_30pond.jpg Tony Goldberg supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Ecology an evolution of infectious diseases with an emphasis on zoonoses and emerging pathogens

Image files/trainers/kalejta4.jpg Robert Kalejta supervised_user_circle public

Molecular Virology
Viral modulation of the cell cycle

Image files/trainers/kawaokay.jpg Yoshihiro Kawaoka supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Science
Molecular mechanism of interspecies transmission of virus leading to influenza pandemics in humans; molecular pathogenesis of influenza in poultry and mammals; Ebola virus

Image files/trainers/kenney.jpg Shannon Kenney supervised_user_circle public

Epstein-Barr virus pathogenesis and treatment

Image files/pictures/Dan_Loeb.jpg Dan Loeb supervised_user_circle public

Oncology and Virology
Hepatitis B viruses

Image files/trainers/mehle.png Andrew Mehle supervised_user_circle public

Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Influenza virus polymerase

Image files/pictures/Donna-Neumann-1-248x300.jpeg Donna Neumann supervised_user_circle public

Opthalmology and Visual Sciences
Epigenetic and 3-dimensional chromatin control of Herpesvirus transcriptional programs

Image files/trainers/soconnor_200.jpg Shelby O'Connor supervised_user_circle public

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Host and vaccine-elicited immune responses to SIV/HIV.

Image files/trainers/Matt.jpg Matt Reynolds supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Investigate adaptive immune responses to prevent or eliminate AIDS virus infections

Image files/trainers/sherer.jpg Nathan Sherer supervised_user_circle public

Molecular Virology, Oncology
HIV-1 RNA trafficking, virus-Host interactions

Image files/trainers/sureshm.jpg M. Suresh supervised_user_circle public

Pathobiological Sciences
Regulation of T cell proliferation apoptosis and memory