MDTP Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held on Wednesdays both semesters (except those held on Fridays for recruiting in the spring), at 12:05 pm in 1420 Microbial Sciences.

Fall Semester - Micro 731/MMI 901 Student Seminar Series

Picture of Donny HoangWednesday September 4, 2019
Speaker: Donny Hoang
Picture of Alex CheongWednesday September 11, 2019
Speaker: Alex Cheong
Picture of Kristopher KieftWednesday September 18, 2019
Speaker: Kristopher Kieft
Picture of Chelsea CrooksWednesday September 25, 2019
Speaker: Chelsea Crooks
Picture of Troy KingWednesday October 2, 2019
Speaker: Troy King
Picture of Tiffany HarrisWednesday October 9, 2019
Speaker: Tiffany Harris
Picture of Sofia RomeroWednesday October 16, 2019
Speaker: Sofia Romero
Picture of Carolina Mendoza CavazosWednesday October 23, 2019
Speaker: Carolina Mendoza Cavazos
Picture of Alicia TruchonWednesday October 30, 2019
Speaker: Alicia Truchon
Picture of Ruth IsenbergWednesday November 6, 2019
Speaker: Ruth Isenberg
Picture of Katherine BultmanWednesday November 13, 2019
Speaker: Katherine Bultman
Picture of Dee RobinsonWednesday November 27, 2019
Speaker: Dee Robinson
missing imageWednesday November 27, 2019
Info: Thanksgiving Break
Picture of Lauren LucasWednesday December 4, 2019
Speaker: Lauren Lucas
Picture of Rachel SalemiWednesday December 11, 2019
Speaker: Rachel Salemi

Spring Semester - Micro 731/MMI 901 Student Seminar Series

Picture of Jason ZukeWednesday January 22, 2020
Speaker: Jason Zuke
Picture of Edna ChiangFriday January 31, 2020
Speaker: Edna Chiang
Info: Special Recruiting Weekend Seminar
Picture of Nicholas RaffaWednesday February 5, 2020
Speaker: Nicholas Raffa
Picture of Jin YangWednesday February 12, 2020
Speaker: Jin Yang
Picture of Phil HussFriday February 21, 2020
Speaker: Phil Huss
Info: Special Recruiting Weekend Seminar
Picture of Charlotte FrancoeurWednesday February 26, 2020
Speaker: Charlotte Francoeur
Picture of Susan HromadaWednesday March 4, 2020
Speaker: Susan Hromada
Picture of Andrew SteinbergerWednesday March 11, 2020
Speaker: Andrew Steinberger
missing imageWednesday March 18, 2020
Picture of Julia MartienWednesday March 25, 2020
Speaker: Julia Martien
Picture of Katie AmatoWednesday April 1, 2020
Speaker: Katie Amato
Picture of Elizabeth McDanielWednesday April 8, 2020
Speaker: Elizabeth McDaniel
missing imageWednesday April 15, 2020
Info: open
missing imageWednesday April 22, 2020
Info: open
missing imageWednesday April 29, 2020
Info: open