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MDTP Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held on Wednesdays both semesters (except those held on Fridays for recruiting in the spring), at 12:05 pm in 1420 Microbial Sciences. Click here for a version of the seminar schedule you can print.

Fall Semester - Micro 731/MMI 901 Student Seminar Series

Picture of Bayleigh BennerWednesday September 6, 2017
Speaker: Bayleigh Benner
Picture of Kelsey VeldkampWednesday September 13, 2017
Speaker: Kelsey Veldkamp
Picture of Laura AlexanderWednesday September 20, 2017
Speaker: Laura Alexander
Picture of Krizia Perez MedinaWednesday September 27, 2017
Speaker: Krizia Perez Medina
Picture of Lindsey BohrWednesday October 4, 2017
Speaker: Lindsey Bohr
Picture of Mengyao NiuWednesday October 11, 2017
Speaker: Mengyao Niu
Picture of Madison CoxWednesday October 18, 2017
Speaker: Madison Cox
Picture of Courtney McDougalWednesday October 25, 2017
Speaker: Courtney McDougal
Picture of Jared EricksonWednesday November 1, 2017
Speaker: Jared Erickson
Picture of Connor HendrichWednesday November 8, 2017
Speaker: Connor Hendrich
Picture of Derrick GrunwaldWednesday November 15, 2017
Speaker: Derrick Grunwald
Wednesday November 22, 2017
Speaker: Thanksgiving Break
Wednesday November 29, 2017
Speaker: open
Wednesday December 6, 2017
Speaker: open
Wednesday December 13, 2017
Speaker: open

Spring Semester - Micro 731/MMI 901 Student Seminar Series

Picture of Eliot StantonWednesday January 24, 2018
Speaker: Eliot Stanton
Picture of Gloria LarsonFriday February 2, 2018
Speaker: Gloria Larson
Info: Friday Recruiting Weekend Seminar
Picture of Dan PensingerWednesday February 7, 2018
Speaker: Dan Pensinger
Picture of Abigail ShockeyFriday February 16, 2018
Speaker: Abigail Shockey
Info: Friday Recruiting Weekend Seminar
Picture of Tyler JacobsonWednesday February 21, 2018
Speaker: Tyler Jacobson
Picture of Kai HillmanWednesday February 28, 2018
Speaker: Kai Hillman
Picture of Kayleigh NyffelerWednesday March 7, 2018
Speaker: Kayleigh Nyffeler
Picture of Christina JohnsonWednesday March 14, 2018
Speaker: Christina Johnson
Picture of Alex La ReauWednesday March 21, 2018
Speaker: Alex La Reau
Wednesday March 28, 2018
Speaker: Spring Break
Picture of April MacIntyreWednesday April 4, 2018
Speaker: April MacIntyre
Picture of Jenny BratburdWednesday April 11, 2018
Speaker: Jenny Bratburd
Picture of Melanie CallaghanWednesday April 18, 2018
Speaker: Melanie Callaghan
Picture of Dee RobinsonWednesday April 25, 2018
Speaker: Dee Robinson
Wednesday May 2, 2018
Speaker: open
Wednesday May 9, 2018
Speaker: open