Direct Admission Policy

A limited number of qualified students can be directly admitted into the MDTP if an interested MDTP faculty member meets the requirements for DA, and the student agrees to the conditions imposed by the DA mechanism.

The financial responsibility for a directly admitted student lies entirely on the faculty member that initiates the DA process. Neither the MDTP, nor its core departments (Bacteriology and Medical Microbiology & Immunology), would bear any financial responsibility for DA students at any time during their tenure in the program.

DA students and faculty must sign a contract where they agree to the following:

  • DA students are active members of the MDTP
  • All policies of the MDTP apply to DA students except that DA students will not rotate
  • DA students clearly understand the conditions and risks of the DA process
  • DA students will not receive funds from the MDTP for relocation
  • MDTP faculty interested in DA students will commit, in writing, to providing financial support for the student, at the rate established by the MDTP, for the duration of his/her studies
  • If a DA student is asked to leave the lab or s/he chooses to leave the lab, the student must notify the MDTP office immediately, and the faculty member is committed to arranging support for the student for a minimum 2-month rotation/transition period. The faculty member must obtain a commitment from his or her department chair to support the student for the 2-month transition period in the event that the faculty member is unable to supply the funds. The signature of the faculty member’s department chair on the DA contract will indicate this support. The commitment of the faculty member will terminate sooner if the student finds a new lab before the end of the 2-month period.