Alexander, Laura

Dissertation: The development of Limosilactobacillus reuteri as a biotherapeutic delivery vehicle
Faculty Advisor: JP van Pijkeren
Laura is an Applications Scientist at Promega Corporation.

Amato, Katie

Dissertation: Quantifying influenza virus infection dynamics via molecular barcoding
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Mehle
Katie is working at Genentech as a Technical Development Associate Scientist in their Process Virology Unit.

Grunwald, Derrick

Dissertation: Detection of rare Rhg1 nematode resistance haplotypes in Glycine soja and a novel Rhg1 alpha-SNAP
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Bent
Derrick will be working as a a postdoc in the seed potato pathology lab at UW Madison run by Dr. Renee Rioux.

Martien, Julia

Dissertation: Physiological Responses to Changing Environmental Conditions in Zymomonas mobilis: Implications for Biofuel Production
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Amador-Noguez
Julia is teaching for Scientific Adventures for Girls in Oakland, CA.

McDaniel, Elizabeth

Dissertation: Ecology and Evolution of Enrichment Microbial Communities Performing Biological Nutrient Removal
Faculty Advisor: Trina McMahon
Elizabeth is a Scientist at Arcadia Science.

McDougal, Courtney

Dissertation: Role of eicosanoids on cell-mediated immunity to L. monocytogenes and its implications on cancer therapy
Faculty Advisor: JD Sauer
Courtney is a post doc at University of Washington – Seattle with Dr. Marion Pepper.

Robinson, Dee

Dissertation: Natural variation in the consequences of gene overexpression across wild Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolates
Faculty Advisor: Audrey Gasch
Dee is working at Lurie Children’s Hospital providing analyses of pediatric genomic data..