Alexander, Laura

Dissertation: The development of Limosilactobacillus reuteri as a biotherapeutic delivery vehicle
Faculty Advisor: JP van Pijkeren
Laura is an Applications Scientist at Promega Corporation.

Amato, Katie

Dissertation: Quantifying influenza virus infection dynamics via molecular barcoding
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Mehle
Katie is working at Genentech as a Technical Development Associate Scientist in their Process Virology Unit.

Grunwald, Derrick

Dissertation: Detection of rare Rhg1 nematode resistance haplotypes in Glycine soja and a novel Rhg1 alpha-SNAP
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Bent
Derrick will be working as a a postdoc in the seed potato pathology lab at UW Madison run by Dr. Renee Rioux.

Martien, Julia

Dissertation: Physiological Responses to Changing Environmental Conditions in Zymomonas mobilis: Implications for Biofuel Production
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Amador-Noguez
Julia is teaching for Scientific Adventures for Girls in Oakland, CA.

McDaniel, Elizabeth

Dissertation: Ecology and Evolution of Enrichment Microbial Communities Performing Biological Nutrient Removal
Faculty Advisor: Trina McMahon
Elizabeth will be working as a post doc on anaerobic digestion systems in the Departments of Civil Engineering and Microbiology and Immunology with Ryan Ziels and Steve Hallam at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

McDougal, Courtney

Dissertation: Role of eicosanoids on cell-mediated immunity to L. monocytogenes and its implications on cancer therapy
Faculty Advisor: JD Sauer
Courtney is a post doc at University of Washington – Seattle with Dr. Marion Pepper.

Robinson, Dee

Dissertation: Natural variation in the consequences of gene overexpression across wild Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolates
Faculty Advisor: Audrey Gasch
Dee is working at Lurie Children’s Hospital providing analyses of pediatric genomic data..