Cyanobacteria blooms on lake Mendota

Cyanobacteria on Lake Mendota

Photo by Jean-Michel Ané, Ané Lab
Colorful microcentrifuge tubes on Microbial Sciences rooftop.

MDTP students Aldo Arellano and Holly Nichols checking out lichens at Devil's Lake State Park.

Photo by Erin Conley, Thomas lab
Bioluminescent bacterial colonies.

Photobacterium leiognathi - "Living Light"

Photo by Ruth Isenberg, Mandel Lab
MDTP students enjoying the 2023 MDTP retreat!

MDTP students enjoying the 2023 MDTP retreat!

Petri dishes bacterial colonies

Bacterial isolates from corn aerial root mucilage

Photo by Madeline Hayes, Venturelli Lab
Sherer lab cell image

Live cell imaging of HIV-induced cell-cell interactions (“virological synapses”)

Photo by Jaye Gardiner, Sherer lab