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Welcome to the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

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Now is an exciting time to be doing microbiology research! The confluence of new findings (always leading to more questions), experimental tools and approaches, and biological and clinical significance makes microbiology one of the most dynamic and important areas of science. The available resources and opportunities are hard to beat. Career possibilities abound in academic research, industry, teaching, government service, and other avenues. If you have a strong undergraduate academic record, your appetite has been whetted by research experience, and you seek training at the PhD level to pursue a career, the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program at UW-Madison offers great advantages for your quest.

Think UW MDTP if you want a highly ranked university and graduate program with national and international prominence, a university and graduate program with a commitment to students, a graduate program with extensive opportunities for students, a graduate program that continues to develop and excel and all this in Madison, a great setting to live and play.

There's a lot to consider in evaluating graduate schools, programs, and thesis labs. Some students decide that they can manage to live anywhere and focus on science. Others decide that the science is adequate wherever they're looking and focus on the lifestyle environment. UW-Madison has a lot to offer people at either extreme or somewhere in between. Great science; fun, productivity, and value at work; a rich environment outside the lab; focus and diversity are all worthy goals, and they can co-exist. Think UW MDTP!

Garret Suen, MDTP Director
Chuck Kaspar, Bacteriology Chair
Rod Welch, Medical Microbiology & Immunology Chair

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT: Best Graduate Schools Report--MDTP ranked 1st in the nation for Microbiology