Student administrative resources

Payroll, tuition remission, and benefits

General HR policies for Graduate Assistants is found here.  Specific payroll, tuition remission, and benefits questions should be directed to the HR professionals in the student’s PI’s home department.

NOTE: For students transitioning onto or off of fellowship funding, the STUDENT should check in with the PI and home department HR contact to verify the funding transition.  The MDTP does not track funding of students at the program level.  Fellowship funding often is associated with different tax rules and obligations as compared to income derived from a research assistantship.  Students funded on fellowships should direct tax related questions to their home department HR professional or a tax professional.  Additional tax-related help for UW Systems Employees, including graduate assistants, can be found here.

Segregated Fees

Graduate Assistants (TAs, PAs and RAs) must pay segregated fees every term in which they are enrolled, including summer.  Segregated fee rates and the campus operations they fund is found here.

Graduate Assistants have a deferred deadline for their fees.  Their fees are not due until the Friday after their third paycheck of the semester (December in Fall, April in Spring).  Note that there is no deadline deferral in the summer term.  Segregated fee bills can be seen in the MyUW Student Center.  Any questions about segregated fees should be directed to the Bursar’s Office.

Most independent fellowship agencies pay student fellows’ segregated fees.  If a student is funded on a fellowship, the student should check with the funding agency about payment of fees.  If a student is transitioning off of fellowship funding, the student should be prepared for payment of segregated fees.

Course Enrollment

Students need to maintain continuous enrollment to fulfill their degree obligations, their Graduate Assitantship obligations and/or their fellowship obligations.  Pre-dissertators need to enroll in 8-15 credits for Fall/Spring semesters (2 or more in the summer).  Dissertators need to enroll in EXACTLY 3 credits every semester.  These credits can be a combination of coursework, seminar and research (990) credits.  See course requirements for more info on program-specific information

For questions or problems with enrollment in specific courses, students should contact the curricular representative for the department in which the course is offered.  Use the course prefix and this list to find the curricular representative that can assist you with your enrollment questions.

For 990 research credits, students should use the course prefix that aligns with the PI’s home department and enroll in the 990 section in which their PI is the instructor.  Questions about 990 enrollment should be directed to the PI and/or the curricular representative.