Student Outreach Opportunities

Science Expeditions at UW-Madison
Visitors learn about the work of medical physics students during a Science Expeditions activity in the Health Science Learning Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during Science Expeditions, a three-day-long education-outreach event involving multiple disciplines and held at a number of host locations throughout campus. (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)
International Festival in South Madison.
Children learn to make tubes of liquid lava at a UW Space Place-sponsored table as more than 150 people attend the second annual South Madison International Community Night. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)
Science Festival at UW-Madison.
UW scientist Shaomei He (left) provides young participants with a measured amount of water for a "Build Your Own Lake" experiment at an info booth hosted by the UW Bacteriology Department at the Discovery Expo inside the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery during Wisconsin Science Festival. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)