Admissions Committee

  • Nancy Keller, MMI, Chair
  • Katrina Forest, Bacteriology
  • Kerri Coon, Bacteriology
  • David Hershey, Bacteriology
  • Charlie Mo, Bacteriology
  • Andrew Hryckowian, MMI
  • Marta Gaglia, MMI
  • Joe Dillard, MMI
  • Rob Kalejta, Oncology
  • Victor Ujor, Food Science
  • Kayley Manuel, MDTP Student Representative
  • Ibrahim Zuniga Chaves, MDTP Student Representative

Student-Hosted Speaker Committee

  • Jessie Petrey, MDTP Student
  • Evrim Fer, MDTP Student
  • Katie Cataldo, MDTP Student
  • James Kosmopoulos, MDTP Student

Recruiting Committee

  • Terra Theim, MDTP Coordinator
  • Mariah Riel, MDTP Student
  • Anna Gregory, MDTP Student
  • Joie Ling, MDTP Student
  • Rauf Salamzade, MDTP Student

Social Committee

  • Mariah Riel, MDTP Student
  • Damayanti Rodriguez-Ramos, MDTP Student

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • The MDTP is working with SMPH’s DEI office to rework the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  Updates will be coming in late summer/early fall 2023.

Incoming Student Mentoring Committee

  • JD Sauer, MMI
  • Trina McMahon, Bacteriolgy
  • Michael Thomas, Bacteriology
  • Karthik Anantharaman, Bacteriology
  • Jeniel Nett, MMI
  • Mark Mandel, MMI
  • Donna Neumann, Ophthalmology
  • Jason Peters, Pharmacy

Student Retreat Committee

  • Damayanti Rodriguez-Ramos, MDTP Student
  • James Kosmopoulos, MDTP Student
  • Katie Barnes, MDTP Student
  • Alex Dobrila, MDTP Student

Social Media Committee

  • Nayanna Mercado Soto, MDTP Student
  • Evrim Fer, MDTP Student