• Jason Zuke

    Congrats to Jason Zuke, PhD!

    Jason successfully defended his dissertation “Production, dynamics, and DNA binding capabilities of Bacillus subtilis natural competence associated pili”.

  • Katie Bulman

    Congrats to Katie Bultman, PhD!

    Katie successfully defended her dissertation “Distinct biofilm regulatory strategies confer host colonization specificity in Vibrio fischeri.”

  • Donny Hoang

    Congrats to Donny Hoang, PhD!

    Donny successfully defended his dissertation “Ecology of Lignocellulose-Enriched Bacterial Communities.”

  • How waste becomes a resource, with MDTP trainer Victor Ujor

    With one look through a microscope as a high school student, Victor Ujor fell in love with the study of microorganisms, and he began to ask questions about their technological potential. Now an assistant professor …

  • Ryan Moriarty

    Congrats to Ryan Moriarty, PhD!

    Ryan successfully defended her dissertation “Using molecularly barcoded pathogens and whole-genome sequence data to understand host responses to SIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection”.

  • Alex Cheong

    Congrats to Alex Cheong, PhD!

    Alex successfully defended his dissertation “Multiscale characterization of the diabetic foot ulcer microbiome”.

  • Fukang She

    Congrats to Fukang She, PhD!

    Fukang successfully defended his dissertation “Connecting central carbon metabolism, nucleotide metabolism and drug resistance – A story of pyruvate kinase”.

  • Ruth Isenberg

    Congrats to Ruth Isenberg, PhD!

    Ruth successfully defended her dissertation “Cyclic diguanylate inhibits beneficial hostcolonization by Vibrio fischeri”.

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