• MDTP welcomes the 2021 incoming class!

    We are so excited to welcome MDTP’s class of 2021!  Our new students are… Alex Dobrila Eddy Cruz Justin Billy This list will be updated as we hear of new acceptances of our offers of …

  • Sofia Romero

    Congrats to Sofia Romero!

    MDTP student Sofia Romero has been selected as a 2021 inductee into the Edward Alexander Bouchet Honor Society!

  • MDTP virtual recruiting!

    We are so happy to welcome 15 prospective MDTP students to our second virtual recruiting weekend!

  • MDTP virtual recruiting!

    We are so excited to welcome 17 prospective MDTP students to our first virtual recruiting weekend!

  • Derrick Grunwald

    Congrats to Derrick Grunwald, PhD!

    MDTP student Derrick Grunwald successfully defended his dissertation: Detection of rare Rhg1 nematode resistance haplotypes in Glycine soja and a novel Rhg1 alpha-SNAP

  • Nick Raffa

    Congrats to Nick Raffa, PhD!

    MDTP student Nick Raffa successfully defended his dissertation: A Jack of All Trades: Versatile Isocyanides Influence Copper Homeostasis and Microbial Interactions in Aspergillus fumigatus

  • Bayleigh Benner

    Congrats to Bayleigh Benner, PhD!

    MDTP student Bayleigh Benner successfully defended her dissertation: A (frame)shift in perspective: Understanding links between HIV-1 translational recoding, viral assembly, and transcript fate

  • Kemardo Henry

    Congrats to Kemardo Henry, PhD!

    MDTP student Kemardo Henry successfully defended his dissertation: Lack of a vital RNA polymerase recognition feature results in coordinated control of the majority of R. sphaeroides promoters.

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