• Kristopher Kieft

    Congrats to Kris Kieft, PhD!

    MDTP student Kris Kieft successfully defended his dissertation, “Metagenomics-enabled viral ecology to advance our understanding of human and environmental microbiomes”.

  • MDTP trainer Betül Kaçar co-leads NASA astrobiology study

    Announced by NASA today, a new collaboration of astrobiology researchers across the country working together under a Research Coordination Network called LIFE will spend the next five years dedicating their efforts to understanding this journey …

  • Congrats to MDTP student Jason Saba on his NIH fellowship!

    MDTP student Jason Saba (Landick lab) has been awarded an NIH F31 fellowship!  Congrats, Jason!

  • Microbiome metabolism breakthroughs in the Venturelli lab!

    Researchers are uncovering the complex mechanisms by which human gut bacteria accomplish a variety of functions, from transforming compounds derived from food into nutrition for the host to producing molecules that impact human behavior and …

  • NSF GRFP awards!

    Congrats to MDTP students Anna Gregory, Kayley Manuel, Damayanti Rodriguez-Ramos, Kathryn Schmidt, Holly Nichols, as well as incoming student Joie Ling on their NSF GRFP awards!  Congrats to Jassim Al-Oboudi on his honorable mention!  What …

  • Hilldale award for MDTP trainer Anna Huttenlocher!

    Anna Huttenlocher, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Microbiology and Immunology, will be receiving a Hilldale Award for her contributions to teaching, research and service.  Congrats!

  • Charlotte Francoeur

    Congrats to Charlotte Francoeur, PhD!

    MDTP student Charlotte Francoeur successfully defended her dissertation, “The ecology of secondary microbial symbionts: Exploring the diversity and function of bacterial and viral associations with fungus-growing ants”.

  • Madison Cox

    Congrats to Madison Cox, PhD!

    MDTP student Madison Cox successfully defended her dissertation, “Influencing rumen microbial communities to improve bovine milk production efficiency”.

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