Postdoc opportunity in Salgado-Pabón lab at UW-Madison

POSTDOC POSITION IN THE SALGADO-PABÓN LAB The Salgado-Pabón lab is hiring a Postdoctoral Researcher interested in cellular microbiology, host-pathogen interactions or disease mechanisms. The lab studies Staphylococcus aureus pathogenesis utilizing cell system models in vitro, ex vivo and in rabbit models of disease. Two years of funding are secured if progress is made within the probationary period and with the potential for extension dependent on availability of funds. The candidate will work closely with Dr. Salgado and her team to perform experiments required for the revision of 3-4 manuscripts submitted for publication, including but not limited to live-cell imaging of endothelial cells in wound healing assays, proteome arrays, fluorescent staining, signaling assays, and cell binding studies. As co-author, the candidate will be involved in data analysis, interpretation and drafting of the corresponding sections of the manuscripts. The individual will also work on implementing fluorescent-based techniques for imaging tissues in 3D with the THUNDER imaging system and will be in charge of lab orders. Requirements: the position requires a doctoral degree in cell biology, microbiology, or a closely related field. The candidate must have expertise in basic to advance cell biology techniques, as they will be in charge of experimental revisions for manuscripts that are currently in various stages of publication. The candidate must have the ability to work with a diverse group of graduate students and staff and have excellent communication skills. Preferred Qualifications: ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences; strong organizational, time management and interpersonal skills; experience with advanced cell biology techniques; some experience with protein purification; willingness to help with the rabbit model. Required Application Materials: statement of interest (2 pages max), CV, and contact information (name, position, phone, email) for three references. Salary: NIH standard Start Date: January 3, 2022 (or earlier if needed)