Research Associate (Postdoc) – Bacterial Genetics, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology – UW-Madison, Peters Lab

Postdoctoral research positions are available in Jason Peters’s lab at the University of

Wisconsin-Madison, School of Pharmacy (

to study antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (e.g., Enterobacter, Klebsiella,

Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter) using CRISPR-based functional genomics.

We seek a motivated candidate to work with us on our newly funded ARPA-H collaborative grant

to combat antibiotic resistance ( We seek to identify

gene/pathways involved in antibiotic resistance as well as novel physiological weaknesses that

can be exploited in future therapies.

The candidate will be responsible for constructing and phenotyping genome-scale CRISPRi

libraries in Gram-negative pathogens—including clinical isolates, quantifying CRISPR screen

results using Next Generation Sequencing (e.g., Illumina sequencing), bioinformatic analysis to

identify and characterize screen hits, and follow up experiments to validate hit genes in terms of

their contributions to viability/antibiotic resistance.

Required Degree

Ph.D. in Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology,

Biological/Biomolecular/Biomedical Engineering, or related fields.

Candidates must be within 1 year of Ph.D. graduation and Ph.D. must be granted by the start


Minimum Requirements

– Strong written and oral communication skills to collaborate and communicate effectively

with a team of researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds.

– Meticulous record keeping and ability to respond quickly to written requests for research


Desired Qualifications

– Strong candidates will have knowledge of and skills in microbiology, genetics, and

molecular biology.

– Experience in the genetic manipulation of model and non-model microbes and/or

synthetic biology, systems biology, and bioinformatics are highly desirable.

Required Application Materials

Send a cover letter (up to 2 pages) describing your interest(s) in this position and relevant skills,

a CV, and the name and contact information of three professional references.

To apply – Please direct completed applications to Jason Peters (

Additional Information

Initial appointment is available for one year with strong potential for continuation depending

upon funding and performance. Salary is commensurate with experience, in accordance with

the NIH NRSA Stipend Level for Postdoctoral Trainees.

About ARPA-H

ARPA-H advances high-potential, high-impact biomedical and health research that cannot be

readily accomplished through traditional research or commercial activity. ARPA-H awardees are

developing entirely new ways to tackle the hardest challenges in health (https://arpah.


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