Postdoctoral Position Available in Microbiome and Microbiology Research

The Mani Laboratory (, housed in the

Chanin Building, at the Departments of Medicine, Genetics and Pharmacology and The Cancer Institute

and Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center of The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, INC

( has an open position for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to be part of

an expanding research program on novel aspects of the mammalian microbiome.

Relevant Laboratory Research Focus: We have discovered a new phenomenon related to how gut

bacteria influence intestinal inflammation (DOI: 10.1053/j.gastro.2021.03.017). We have isolated a

super-swarming strain from mice with colitis (and a near identical poor swarmer from control mice).

These strains affect the inflammatory phenotype in mice. We are interested in developing a high

throughput genetic mutant library of both strains where the strains are screened for the

swarmer/swim/growth phenotype. We want to create genetically or chemically marked fluorescent

strains in vitro and in vivo (mice). We are also interested in developing modified transcriptional

recording systems (such as doi: 10.1038/s41596-023-00819-6) that would record how

swarm/swim/growth is affected when our bacteria are plated and in mice. Finally, we are interested in

the secretomes of our isolates as they mechanistically relate to abrogating intestinal inflammation.

Each point is a project, and successful candidates can choose one or more to focus on or develop new

ideas as projects evolve to focus on.

Scientific Environment within and outside the Laboratory (collaborations): A longstanding

tradition of the laboratory is cooperative and collaborative exchange with knowledgeable labs that use

complementary expertise or bioinformatics. In all these associations, our laboratory is an active

participant, wherein the student or fellow is encouraged to learn further by visiting and partaking in

cross-collaborative experiments.

Financial Support: The new Einstein base salary (no prior postdoctoral experience) is $ 58,179

(effective 3/1/2023). For full details, please visit

postdoctoral-policies/ . Successful applicants will receive a generous salary based on NIH and

Institutional guidelines and benefits, including College-owned postdoctoral housing.

Candidate Profile:

1. Demonstrated academic and research accomplishments.

2. Prior experience in bacterial genetics, specifically genome-wide mutagenesis techniques

in bacteria, bioinformatics, and protein biochemistry

Opening: March 1, 2024.

Closing: till position is filled

Application Process:

Please e-mail your CV and cover letter focusing on your interests and goals, along with names and

contact details of three referees to: OR