Affeldt, Kate

Dissertation: Expanding the Paradign of Oxylipins in Aspergillus flavus.
Faculty Advisor: Nancy Keller
Kate is doing a postdoc at UW-Milwaukee in the Prasad lab.

Albright, Emily

Dissertation: Viral and cellular contributions to the epigenetic silencing of viral lytic gene expression during human cytomegalovirus latency.
Faculty Advisor: Robert Kalejta
Emily is an assistant scientist in the Kalejta Lab.

Alexander, Laura

Dissertation: The development of Limosilactobacillus reuteri as a biotherapeutic delivery vehicle
Faculty Advisor: JP van Pijkeren
Laura is an Applications Scientist at Promega Corporation.

Allen, Heather

Dissertation: Functional metagenomics to discover antibiotic resistance genes in natural environments.
Faculty Advisor: Jo Handelsman
Heather was a brilliant and successful microbiologist at the National Animal Disease Center (USDA) in Ames, Iowa. She died from breast cancer in 2020, which was a loss to us all.

Altmann, Sharon

Dissertation: Therapeutic Intervention for Pox viruses.
Faculty Advisor: Curtis Brandt
Sharon is a Senior Scientist at MRIGlobal.

Altura, Melissa

Dissertation: Host Bacterial Interactions and Host Cell Signaling in the Initiation of the Squid-Vibrio Symbiosis.
Faculty Advisor: Margaret McFall-Ngai
Melissa is a postdoc at the University of Washington.

Amato, Katie

Dissertation: Quantifying influenza virus infection dynamics via molecular barcoding
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Mehle
Katie is working at Genentech as a Technical Development Associate Scientist in their Process Virology Unit.

Anderson, Brent

Dissertation: Variations on a theme: how a shared (p)ppGpp binding pocket allows bacterial adaptation in fluctuating environments.
Faculty Advisor: Jade Wang
Brent is currently working as a post-doc with Andy Goodman at Yale University.

Anfora, Andrew

Dissertation: The Effects of Serine and Acetate Metabolism on the Ability of Escherichia coli CFT073 to Colonize the Murine Urinary Tract.
Faculty Advisor: Rod Welch
Andrew is now an Associate Director of Product Management at LGC Clinical Diagnostics.

Anthony, Jennifer

Dissertation: Function of the Rhodobacter sphaerodies alternative sigma factor, sE and its anti-sigma factor, ChrR.
Faculty Advisor: Tim Donohue
Jennifer is now a Research Scientist developing next generation biofuels in the Biochemical Sciences and Engineering Group at DuPont.