Altura, Melissa

Dissertation: Host Bacterial Interactions and Host Cell Signaling in the Initiation of the Squid-Vibrio Symbiosis.
Faculty Advisor: Margaret McFall-Ngai
Melissa is a postdoc at the University of Washington.

Chaston, John

Dissertation: Host-association events and factors in a model animal-bacterial mutualism.
Faculty Advisor: Heidi Goodrich-Blair
John is now an Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics at Brigham Young University.

Christopherson, Melissa

Dissertation: Probing the Metabolic Context of YJGF in Salmonella enterica.
Faculty Advisor: Diana Downs
Melissa is a Faculty Associate in the Dept of Bacteriology at UW-Madison.

George, Nicholas

Dissertation: Funtional interactions between uracil-DNA glycosylase and the single-stranded DNA-binding protein.
Faculty Advisor: James Keck
Nick is the Practice Manager at Meadows Cat Hospital in Kenmore, WA and Consulting Microbiologist and Biochemist.

Klingele, Audrey

Dissertation:Directed evolution of Escherichia coli reveals multiple contributions to ionizing radiation survival.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Cox
Audrey is a Quality Engineer with LGC Biosearch Technologies.

Koenigsknecht, Mark

Dissertation: Defining Robustness in the Metabolic Network Surrounding Phosphoribosylamine Biosynthesis in Salmonella enterica.
Faculty Advisor: Diana Downs
Mark is a Scientist at Novozymes.

Koh, Yvonne

Dissertation: RNA recognition by the PUF protein.
Faculty Advisor: Marvin Wickens
Yvonne is the Deputy Director of Innovation at the National Research Foundation Singapore.

Magle, Tobin Crystal

Dissertation: A developmentally regulated Toxoplasma gondii patatin-like protein protects against degradation in activated macrophages and alters cytokine levels during toxoplasmic encephalitis.
Faculty Advisor: Laura Knoll
Crystal is DS consultant and Science and Engineering Data and Information Specialist at Steenbock Memorial Library at UW Madison.

McMahon, Matthew

Dissertation: Accessing and Deciphering Metabolic Potential Using Heterologous Hosts.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Thomas
Matt is a Program Lead at Ginkgo Bioworks in the Boston area.

O’Brien, Kevin

Dissertation: Host Factors that Influence Severe H5N1 Influenza Virus Pathogenicity and Disease.
Faculty Advisosr: Stacey Schultz-Cherry and Laura Knoll
Kevin is a Technical MSP Sales Representative for Superior Technical Solutions, LLC in St. George UT.