Holt, Jonathan

Dissertation: Ecology of the Manduca sexta microbiome.
Faculty Advisors: Jo Handelsman and Heidi Goodrich-Blair
Jonathan is now a faculty Instructor at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

Myers, Kevin

Dissertation: Integrating Genome-wide Analyses to Investigate the Regulatory Role of FNR and IscR in Response to Anaerobiosis in Escherichia coli.
Faculty Advisor: Patricia Kiley
Kevin is an Assistant Scientist at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center in Madison, WI.

Payne, Amanda

Dissertation: Using a Toxoplasma chronic infection mutant to study the connections between inflammation, metabolism and reproductive hormones.
Faculty Advisor: Laura Knoll
Amanda will be taking a family leave.

Ramsey, Meghan

Dissertation: Location, expression, and regulation of the type IV secretion system in Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
Faculty Advisor: Joe Dillard
Megan is a member of the Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Starnes, Taylor

Dissertation: Cell motility in inflammatory disease pathogenesis.
Faculty Advisor: Anna Huttenlocher
Taylor is a MD in ophthalmology in the Chicago area.

Whitemarsh, Regina

Dissertation: Characterization of botulinum neurotoxin serotype A subtypes 1 through 5 using in vitro and in vivo approaches.
Faculty Advisor: Eric Johnson
Regina is a Project Manager at Epic Systems Corp.