Benner, Bayleigh

Dissertation: A (frame)shift in perspective: Understanding links between HIV-1 translational recoding, viral assembly, and transcript fate
Faculty Advisor: Nathan Sherer
Bayleigh is currently an NSF postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Julie Huber at WHOI in Massachusetts studying marine microbiology with a focus on the discovery and characterization of deep sea RNA viruses.

Bohr, Lindsey

Dissertation: No Bacterium is an Island: The Role of Population Structure in Emergence and Maintenance of Pathogens
Faculty Advisor: Caitlin Pepperell
Lindsey is seeking out her next opportunity.

Bratburd, Jenny

Dissertation: Host-microbiome interactions impacting pathogen and mutualist colonization within defensive symbioses
Faculty Advisor: Cameron Currie
Jenny is now an Outreach Coordinator at NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Science Team.

Callaghan, Melanie

Dissertation: Regulation of expression in the Neisseria gonorrhoeae type IV secretion system
Faculty Advisor: Joe Dillard
Melanie is working on a post-doc with Daniel Amador-Noguez.

Ginete, Daren

Dissertation: Antagonistic factors impact strain specificity in host-symbiont associations
Faculty Advisor: Heidi Goodrich-Blair
Daren is working with the Science Philanthropy Alliance as their Infections Disease Fellow. His responsibilities include science communication, advising philanthropists on funding basic science research.

Giramma, Christina

Dissertation: Bacterial regulation of DNA replication elongation.
Faculty Advisor: Jade Wang

Christina is now working as a research administrator with the UW-Madison Department of Pediatrics.

Hendrich, Connor

Dissertation: Ralstonia solanacearum Secretion Systems: Critical virulence factors and points of vulnerability
Faculty Advisor: Caitilyn Allen
Connor will be doing a post-doc with Nian Wang at the University of Florida.

Henry, Kemardo

Dissertation: Lack of a vital RNA polymerase recognition feature results in coordinated control of the majority of R. sphaeroides promoters
Faculty Advisor: Rick Gourse
Kemardo will be doing a post-doc at Harvard Medical School working in the Hochschild lab.

Hillman, Kai

Dissertation: X. nematophila type VI secretion systems mediate ecologically relevant interactions.
Faculty Advisors: Michael Thomas and Heidi Goodrich-Blair
Kai has taken a position with Promega in Madison, WI.

MacIntyre, April

Dissertation: The role of trehalose metabolism, signaling, and defense in Ralstonia solanacearum bacterial wilt disease of tomatoes
Faculty Advisor: Caitilyn Allen
April has taken a post-doc position in the lab of Jean-Michel Ané.