Cox, Madison

Dissertation: Influencing rumen microbial communities to improve bovine milk production efficiency
Faculty Advisor: Garret Suen
Madison is now a Bioinformatician with the Altman lab at the University of Washington.

Crooks, Chelsea

Dissertation: Defining factors that influence Zika and dengue virus pathogenic potential
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Friedrich
Chelsea will be working as a post-doc in the Friedrich lab at UW-Madison.

Francoeur, Charlotte

Dissertation: The ecology of secondary microbial symbionts: Exploring the diversity and function of bacterial and viral associations with fungus-growing ants
Faculty Advisor: Cameron Currie
Charlotte has accepted a postdoc position in the Khadempour Lab at Rutgers University.

Kieft, Kristopher

Dissertation: Metagenomics-enabled viral ecology to advance our understanding of human and environmental microbiomes
Faculty Advisor: Karthik Anantharaman
Kris has taken a position as a scientist at Moderna Genomics.

Truchon, Alicia

Dissertation: From surviving to thriving: How Ralstonia solanacearum mitigates oxidative stress in plant xylem and moves through tubers to new hosts
Faculty Advisor: Caitilyn Allen
Alicia will be working as a postdoc in the Allen lab at UW-Madison.