Brinsmade, Shaun

Dissertation: Genetics and Biochemistry of Class II Phosphotransacetylases: Enzymes and Sensors of Nutrition, Energy and Redox State of Prokaryotic Cells.
Faculty Advisor: Jorge Escalante
Shaun is now an assistant professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Bristol, Jillian

Dissertation: Regulation of TNFR2 expression by EBV protein BZLF1 and cellular C/EBP.
Faculty Advisor: Shannon Kenney
Jillian is an Associate Researcher in the Kenney laboratory.

Browne, Beth Ann

Dissertation: A Link between Tryptophan Biosynthesis and PURF-Idependent Phosphoribosyl Amine Formation in YJGF Mutant Strains of Salmonella Enterica.
Faculty Advisor: Diana Downs
Beth Ann is currently a Technical Service & Development Scientist at DuPont Microbial Control.

Bruckbauer, Steven

Dissertation: Foundations of experimentally-evolved ionizing radiation resistance in Escherichia coli.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Cox
Steven is a post doc in the lab of Alex Bisson at Brandeis University.

Buan, Nicole

Dissertation: Adenosylcorrinoids: Biosynthesis, Reactivation and Scavenging.
Faculty Advisor: Jorge Escalante
Nicole is an Associate Professor in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Bucci, Michael

Dissertation: Further characterizing the response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to zinc limitation by investigating the ATC41 gene and global gene expression.
Faculty Advisor: David Eide
Michael is a Patent Agent at Dechert LLP in Pittsburgh, PA.

Burgos-Robles, Hector

Dissertation: Dynamic regulation of ribosomal gene expression during adaptation to fluctuating nutritional conditions.
Faculty Advisor: Rick Gourse
Hector will be doing a postdoc with Mark Mandel at UW-Madison.

Byrne Nash, Rose

Dissertation: Defining the genetic basis of ionizing radiation resistance in Escherichia coli.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Cox
Rose is Director of Research and Development at GT Molecular.

Callaghan, Melanie

Dissertation: Regulation of expression in the Neisseria gonorrhoeae type IV secretion system
Faculty Advisor: Joe Dillard
Melanie is working on a post-doc with Daniel Amador-Noguez.

Cao, Mengyi

Dissertation: Lrp dependent virulence modulation in bacterium Xenorhabdus nematophila.
Faculty Advisor: Heidi Goodrich-Blair
Mengyi is a postdoc at the California Institute of Technology.