Baker, Emily Clare

Dissertation: Evolutionary genetics and dissection of brewing related traits in Saccharomyces eubyanus and its hybrids with Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Faculty Advisor: Chris Hittinger
EmilyClare is a Lab Aide at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Snohomish, WA.

Bruckbauer, Steven

Dissertation: Foundations of experimentally-evolved ionizing radiation resistance in Escherichia coli.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Cox
Steven is a post doc in the lab of Alex Bisson at Brandeis University.

Chan, Jia Mun (Elizabeth)

Dissertation: Generation, recycling and release of inflammatory peptidoglycan fragments by pathogenic and nonpathogenic Neisseria.
Faculty Advisor: Joe Dillard
Elizabeth is doing a postdoc in the Heyderman Lab at University College, London.

Chen, Albert

Dissertation: Mechanistic studies on transcription regulation by DksA and ppGpp.
Faculty Advisor: Rick Gourse
Albert is a scientist at Aldevron in Madison.

Choera, Tsokyi

Dissertation: Tryptophan Metabolism of Aspergillus fumigatus: Impacts on Toxin Synthesis and Virulence.
Faculty Advisor: Nancy Keller
Tsokyi is a fungal geneticist at Hexagon in Menlo Park, CA.

Esquilin-Lebron, Karla

Dissertation: Investigations into overcoming the challenges associated with the MbtH-like protein dependence of nonribosomal peptide synthetases.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Thomas
Karla is a Microbiology Instructor at Rutgers University.

Gordon Neumann, Gina

Dissertation: Control of gene expression in cyanobacteria.
Faculty Advisor: Brian Pfleger
Gina is a senior scientific manager at Benson Hill Biosystems in St. Louis, MO.

Linz, Alex

Dissertation: From microbes to ecosystems: time series provide insight into how microbial metabolisms scale to ecosystem functions.
Faculty Advisor: Katherine McMahon
Alex is an Associate Research Scientist at Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Nawrocki, Erin

Dissertation: Mechanisms underlying the transfer of plasmid-borne BoNTs in Group I C. botulinum.
Faculty Advisor: Eric Johnson
Erin has accepted a postdoc at Penn State in the Food Science Department.

Neumann, Tony

Dissertation: Ecology of Fibrobacter in the herbivore gut.
Faculty Advisor: Garret Suen
Tony is a Staff Scientist in Molecular Biology and Microbiology at NewLeaf Symbiotics.