Park, Eunju

Dissertation: HIV-1-infected cell and uninfected cell interaction induces cell cycle reprogramming to facilitate viral spread.
Faculty Advisor: Paul Ahlquist
Eunju will be returning to South Korea and will be seeking a position there.

Sanchez Vazquez, Patricia

Dissertation: Genome-wide effects of ppGpp binding to RNA Polymerase on E. coli gene expression.
Faculty Advisor: Rick Gourse
Patricia is doing a postdoc at Yale University.

Schomer, Rebecca

Dissertation: Two approaches to dissecting the fole of MbtH-like proteins in nonribosomal peptide synthesis.
Faculty Advisor: Michael Thomas
Rebecca has accepted a postdoc at the University of California-Davis.

Stevens, Sarah

Dissertation: Genomics as a Lens into the Population Structure and Evolution of Freshwater Microbes.
Faculty Advisor: Katherine McMahon
Sarah has accepted a position as the Data Science Facilatator at the WID UW-Madison.

Wahlig, Taylor

Dissertation: Salmonella enterica stress tolerance: genetic redundancy and pleiotropy.
Faculty Advisor: Chuck Kaspar
Taylor is doing a postdoc at the University of Utah, Salt Lake.

Yeesin, Ponlkrit

Dissertation: Mechanistic insights into resolution and repair of DNA damage caused by head-on replication-transcription conflicts in bacteria.
Faculty Advisor: Jade Wang
Ponlkrit is now a professor at Mahidol University in Thailand.